Sunday, February 21, 2016

Welcome to 2016.

Welcome to 2016.

 It has been almost four years since I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma. Life is GREAT!!!

We are go for launch….

I am officially in my new role as an E-learning Consultant with CompNow. My official title is Professional Development and Learning Manager….sounds fancy….but just a title to say I deliver Professional Learning to teachers in schools.

My Desk area 
Meeting with Apple in the city
It has been a wonderful start. With everything that has happened in our life..... I am open to other ideas and opportunities…..I have always said, 'it is important to make a move and without a step forward your won’t know'. The change is very different to the classroom and school environment..... meetings that I was used to are very different…..meetings in this new role are focused on sales and how the company can improve and venture forward.

At the moment things are a little slow…..this is due to short school Term and the position I am in is very new that has been created for me, therefore not too many schools know I am available to do Professional Learning. As they say here, I haven't been put to market as will happen.  I am missing Bruce, Rainsy and others from Carey. 

Life is very different and I can say I am a lot less stressed…..this is not to say that teaching was hard or stressful….and being so passionate and determined as I am, I really took a lot to heart as a teacher and worked extremely hard to see everything I did as above and beyond. I feel I have less pressure and able to leave my work at work and not worry about doing work at home.

Less stress is the key to anyone’s health…..I am feeling a lot better with myself and even feel that the new role has challenged me in many ways. I am building educational content and have time to do this….in reality I went from school to Uni to Teaching and nothing in between….it was all I knew, the change has made me see what else I can do and achieve.

I am grateful for being here for…..
There have been many things of huge importance so far this year, all of which I am so happy that I am alive and here to see……our amazing and talented girls have settled into their new classes for 2016 with ease and our youngest has transitioned into 4 YO kinder beautifully....all are growing up far too quick.

New School/Kinder Year 
New School/Kinder Year
Lisa 10km Fun run.

All three have improved with their Dance, Gymnastics and Swimming. Ariella finished 3rd in a district swimming breast stroke event ….one Year above her actual age group and it was a mixed event. Very proud moment. Video attached.

Third Place

Lisa also ran another fun run 10km run…..another proud moment…. She finished in a very good time of 47min. The girls and I watched and supported Lisa and the other mums that ran…..I truly believe as parents we should be role models to our children and let them see us exercise and engage in community events is vitally important.

Speaking of Community, St. Charles Primary School where the girls attend is now the new venue for the Melbourne Melanoma Support Group I host….their generous offer to have a venue for 2016. I thank Greg Thomas and Sue Cahill from the school for this to happen.

Lisa and I also celebrated 10 years of marriage. We had a wonderful day with the girls and then headed to the Yarra Valley wine area to spend the night just the two of us. It has been an eventful 10 years….three girls, purchased a home, Kinder and Schools, new friends and yes the Cancer journey. She is an amazing wife, friend and mother….without Lisa in my life, who knows how I would've survived.

Lisa still fits into her wedding dress
At the pier where we had some wedding photos 10 years ago 
Child free time
The Tour De Cure Documentary was televised in January, I have added this to the blog……for me this was a huge achievement as you all know. The documentary was extremely rewarding to watch and wonderful to see how much Tour De Cure do for cancer research. The girls loved seeing themselves on TV.

Tour De Cure 2015 Documentary

This year I won’t be participating in the 2016 TDC ride….it is a little challenging with a new job and asking for time off. However, my riding hasn’t stopped….I am feeling fit and in the best condition ever. My training partner Matthew has taken on a lot this year and has found it challenging to balance family, work, his business, study and everyday life commitments. Therefore, it has been hit and miss when it comes to training with him. I must say I am very proud and impressed with what he and his wife are doing to further change and make their lives fruitful. This has opened up new riding buddies it has been great to ride with them.  
Rob and I. 
The boys coffee in Lygon St. 
 I am riding about 250km’s a week and as I mentioned I am feeling great. I also raced a Lower Grade Criterium race....this was a fast race. My oncologist is very surprised with how much I am able to achieve given my disease.

Criterium Race. I'm in the black with yellow sash. 
There was an article in the newspaper here in Melbourne that mentioned how high intensity training, along with healthy diet and positive mindset can increase the survival rate of those with serious cancer…..I read this and thought automatically….THIS IS ME!!!

Melanoma March 2016:
An annual March is once again happening…..the 2016 Melanoma March is being held on 6th March at the Tan Track in Melbourne…..Amanda Lucci and I with Melanoma Institute Australia and the Skin Cancer Council have been actively preparing for this year’s March. If you haven’t registered as yet, please head to this link: Melbourne Melanoma March
It is a wonderful event to raise money for Melanoma research and awareness. Community support is always encouraged and welcomed.

Last Year's March. 
How has cancer made a difference in my life?
  •        Meet new people and make new friends
  •        Start a support group
  •        Connect with many who need support
  •        Challenge myself to raise awareness of Melanoma
  •        Challenge myself to raise funds for cancer research
  •         I’ve been able to be apart of the Tour De Cure organization
  •        Share my story with others
  •         Change my perspective on life
  •         Change and Challenge my mindset
  •         Connect with those I love in a deeper way
  •        Increase my understanding of being healthy
  •        See opportunities to take them head on


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  1. Great blog Nathan. Thank you for keeping us up to date with your amazing achievements.