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Some images of some exciting times that have been had on the bike and with my lovely wife running in an event.
My 107km Ride with Tim Green from TDC
107km with 2700m of climbing. 
Lisa and Narelle Ran the 10km Susan Fun Run
The Girls and their school friends running the 500m Version
Merry Christmas to everyone…… I trust and hope you all had a joyous and magical time this Christmas 2015. We do become all consumed with all the commercial aspect of Christmas. I personally love Christmas. The decorations, traditions, food, family time, friends and the many lights to view as you drive around the suburbs admiring the passion and love of Christmas.

Each Christmas is always special, the more I treasure with each year. I believe that I am very lucky each Christmas I see. This was my fourth Christmas since being diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma. It is an unpredictable beast that can pop up without any notice….. its not an app that can send you notification alerts or Calendar reminder that reminds you of events or occasions…..it’s just there. I am hoping that one day it will no longer be there for me and likewise for other melanoma patients……and we would all be worry free.

This Christmas we went away the week before Christmas for nine nights to Broadbeach, in Queensland. This meant taking the girls out of school before their school term had ended, however they would agree that it was well worth missing that last week. We had a brilliant time away.

Family Selfie
Family Selfie

Drive home from the Airport

The weather was beautiful; each day was spent relaxing. The girls were water logged each day.

Lisa ran each morning and was the most relaxed I have seen her…….the hustle and bustle of attending and driving to and from gymnastic, dance and swimming lessons, added to this school drop offs and pick ups had finally come to a stop for 2015, and for the next seven or so weeks. Life is so busy that sometimes when we withdraw from life's craziness, we realise time is not meant to be so all-consuming.

Before Christmas, in November the girls had gymnastic displays. It was a very proud time for Lisa and I to witness what they have achieved.

Talented Gymnastic Girls 
The next event was their internal swimming competition at their swimming club. Ariella and Kalita both competed in 8-Year-old and under events. Ariella competed in the 25m freestyle event and the 25m Breastroke. Kalita entered the 25m Free and 25m Backstroke. Both girls did exceptionally well. Ariella did win both of her events, Kalita did exceptionally well given the distance was unfamiliar for her. Winning isn’t everything.

It’s moments like these, watching the girls achieve and develop, that have me overjoyed with pride and gratification for my health and the wonderful life our family has. Never take your child’s achievements for granted or ignore these moments no matter how busy you are. These moments ‘Inspire me!’

“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.” (Michael J Fox)

In 2016, I am taking on a new venture in my career. After teaching for 19 years and working at Carey Grammar School (the most supportive community/workplace) I am about to begin working for Compnow as a Professional Learning and Development manager.

My Last day in the classroom. 
My passion in recent years and before cancer was and still is, working with IT in the classroom and aligning the iPads and these Application to the curriculum….. a lot was meant to change and I was going to pursue a career as an E-Learning Consultancy, before Cancer. My current decision to change was it’s.....TIME. I personally felt it been three years since being diagnosed it was time to make a change.

As the founder of Facebook once said:
‘The biggest risk is not taking any risk... In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.’

I don’t see this change as a risk…..Lisa is my rock and she has always backed and supported every decision I have ever made.

Christmas Eve this year was scan day,,,,,,my three monthly scans……following this with a five day wait for my results….not the most ideal timing for this to happen (those who have or had cancer can understand this more than most) It was fair to say I was highly anxious. The lead up to the scans was a little worrying as I had intense headaches and it felt like I had brain tumours. I rode the morning of my scan to see how well I was. Riding for me is an indicator as to how my body is feeling.

I finished the ride with a mate and felt reasonable well.

Scanaxiety had kicked in and waiting for my scans was a little stressful.

The Rubbish Drink before a Scan and my reading material to distract me. 
The focus of Christmas and Christmas Day festivities was not on my mind.

Once home I felt better, less anxious as the day to evening approached.

Christmas morning was a time to just let it all go and focus on the arrival of Santa with the presents for the girls. What a morning and day we had. Thoughts of scans and cancer had all disappeared. I was now in the mood for the festivities of the day to come. ‘Joy Was All Around’.

Results came five days later……I do need to point out, I usually have scans and then my results the next day.

My scans results showed I no new tumours or concerns. Just the one lymph node in the chest area that has not grown…..it is still 1.5cm…happy days.

I have been supporting a few friends who have unfortunately been dealt the cancer card. We have had many coffees and chats, these friends are the most inspiring people. What I say to these friends is take control of YOU and make sure YOU focus on small goals in the next few months.

One last thing, Lisa and I had the chance to fly to Sydney to view the Tour De Cure Documentary, featuring the Adelaide to Melbourne ride I completed earlier this year. It was without a doubt one of the best TDC documentary’s they have done…..In fact Trent Miller the cameraman, won a cinematography award for his work on the TDC documentary. It will air the last Saturday in January 2016 Channel 7, Keep an Eye out for it.  

The Awesome TDC Production Crew from TDC Film.
Now its time to load up my legs with a lot of hills and K’s over the summer break.

Have a Happy, Healthy and Inspiring New Year.

Short Movie with what the girls have achieved: 




  1. Great end of year wrap Nathan and wonderful news re:scans. Enjoy the rest of the holidays and see you when we are all back on deck.

  2. Thanks so very much. Hope you had a wonderful break. See you soon.

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