Wednesday, May 11, 2016



I apologise to many of you for my hiatus from posting to my blog…..My absence hasn’t been due to my health, just a massive few months at work with the new job.

Perfect starting point …… my work is BRILLIANT!!! I love the change in my career. I am busy working in and with many schools, presenting at conferences, mentoring leaders in schools to establish their Teaching and Learning and Technology platform…..I have travelled interstate a number of times meeting colleagues and networking with schools in the states across the country.

My most pleasing achievement is publishing three iBooks for that have been published in the Apple iBooks Store. These are all centered around Teaching and Learning.

Travel and being busy does have an impact, and that is coming home late from work and missing time with the Lisa and the girls, however the support from Lisa is always amazing, which I am very grateful for.

She is likewise busy….. being a mum and working at her Osteo Clinic. She also had a fun and enjoyable Mother's Day. The school Mother's Day stall is always a hit. 

Mother's Day Morning 
Great morning.
School Mother's Day Breakfast 
Likewise, I had a great day with my family and mum for Mother's Day. She came over and spent time with my siblings and the girls.

My brothers and sister with Mum for Mother's Day
Mum and the older girls
Dad and Kalita 
Zahlia and her cousin 
My sister Olivia and Rhys my younger brother and soon to be dad
I will say my stress levels are less….whether that’s my mindset or just the fresh, new environment I am working in.

I do miss the interaction with students since stepping out of the classroom. I do get my student interaction when I visit schools and work with teachers in the classroom…..but I do miss working with Bruce my mate from Carey. We catch up regularly and chat about life and teaching. Always wonderful to see him and share ideas with him.

Starting a new job also meant missing this year’s Tour De Cure ride……watching from the sidelines was hard. They once again rode massive kilometres 1500km in total from Brisbane to Sydney in the 10th Year of the Tour De Cure’s existence…..they have raised a staggering $4.8Million for Cancer research, AMAZING EFFORT!.....I will be there in 2017.

I am still riding a lot and keeping fit and maintaining my average K’s per month at 240km…. I am feeling fit and healthy…..I have lost my riding buddy Matty. He has also taken on a new career path and this has taken priority over riding with me. I admire his determination to shift careers and run his own business at the same time.

Mark, Dave and Rob dads from the girls school, have filled the void of Matty, along with Grillsy, they have been riding many early mornings with me. Always a pleasure to ride with them.
Spin with Geoff. 
Grillsy after an early ride...yes he was stuffed
Bike Selfie
It was also wonderful to celebrate one of our good mates 40th and to have time out with Lisa was so much fun. Brilliant night with mates. 
Lisa and I a very rare night out.
The boys.

The boys.

Lisa and the girls are always my heart beat everyday and they are busy doing so much and achieving milestones each week. All of them are involved in Gymnastics, Dance and Swimming. Lisa races them from place to place and Saturday’s is the day I get to seem them in action.

Zahlia is now swimming at the same swim centre as the older two and skipping levels with ease……she is growing up too quickly, turning 5 this month.

Kalita, achieved swimmer of the week recently and went up another level also. She is one determined little girl, her schooling progress is unbelievable I have seen some astounding curriculum achievements. She is very excited about turning 7 in July.
Kalita swimmer of the week. 
Ariella had her 9th birthday last month and to say she is growing up is an understatement…. She is one mature and passionate girl….loves life and fanatical about all things…. Even the Hawthorn Footy Club!!!
A very young Mum and Dad with Ariella at an early age also. 
Birthday morning for Ariella

Hawks match 

Lisa and I purchased a new MASSIVE trampoline for the girls as a combined birthday present for them. It took a whole day to put together and two weekends altering the garden to make the trampoline fit…. Lisa did most of the work…….needless to say the girls love it.

Trampoline frame...massive project. 
Finished product. 
Finished product.
Garden Complete. 
As you read this blog entry, you are probably thinking I am a biased father writing about the girls in such a glowing way ….. you are right…. however to see the achievements of my girls’ is what I live for and makes me PROUD…. I am here to see all of this.

My health is really good. I feel great and have bloods next week with scans four weeks later.
I still have the one tumour hanging around near my lung and chest wall……but seriously its not worrying me.

It is nothing compared to two friends of mine who are not that well at the moment…..they fight and they push through…at times I feel guilty as I am doing really well and they are unwell….CANCER IS A BITCH!!!! I am thinking of them both all the time. You both have amazing strength, determination, will power and go through all of this with a smile on your face. 
Shelli this is for you 
My other friend who also has cancer is doing very well….all I say to you is listen to the people in your corner…..we are all with you.

Life is what you make of it. Nothing is easy…..when you get knocked down….it hurts, but the way you bounce back lessens the pain.



  1. Missing you already and hugging you in my mind. Thank you for your strength and courage, your compassion and your shining smile that will live forever.