Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Training, exciting times and nervous ones also! Blood Results.

Exciting times and nervous ones also! Blood Results.

I am finally back to work; yes I know teachers have a lot of holidays. I have a lovely class this year as I did last year, I am teaching Year 6 this year. A year level I love teaching. It has been a hectic start to the year. The usual Information Nights and rolling out of new iPad’s to the Year 5 students. I am back in my old role as E-Learning Advisor an area in education I am very passionate about.

In the busy time I am managing to keep myself fit. For those of you who don’t know I am riding the Tour De Cure ride in early April to raise money for cancer research. I am only doing two days 250km and 5000m of climbing. I am very excited and feeling very fit at the moment. Did about 900km in January and some big rides in that month. My riding partner and mate Matthew Collins has been a huge support.
Climbing the Dandenongs. 
Sports Drink. Needed it. 
Our BMC Beasts.
Matty and I at the top of Kinglake. We did 103km this day. 
Coffee after a ride with Matty and Mark great blokes and good training partners. 
In between this I have spent some lovely time with my gorgeous family. With the Melanoma disease I am treasuring every little moment and milestone. I came back from a ride one Sunday and Lisa was out the front yard. Teaching Ariella how to ride without training wheels. The driveway was just not long enough, so I decided to assist by taking Ariella up to the local Netball courts to spread her ‘wheels’ and increase her confidence. It wasn’t long before she had mastered it and was of riding solo. I have a short video below for you to see and once again a moment for the time capsule. A milestone I have once again seen and can tick off and have in my memory bank. Small things are important when faced with this disease.

 Also seeing my two eldest girls go to 4YO kinder and Year 1 this year is another milestone I am glad I am here to see. Zahlia is now in swimming lessons on her own and without Lisa’s assistance. I have seen her swimming confidently and loving that.

Zahlia and Kalita at swimming lessons 
Ariella's First Day of Year 1
All of these moments are something I hope to continue seeing. Melanoma is so unpredictable that it makes you question what you may miss out on. I am glad I have seen and captured these moments.
Please savor all of your special moments.

One huge milestone for me this week is receiving my blood results and I have been given a good results. Not cancer free, but my oncologist is very impressed with my appearance, physical state and how good I am travelling. He will now see me for bloods every 4 weeks and scans will go out to 3 monthly. I am over the moon with this news and must say slightly nervous with the scans being further apart. My family and parents are excited and also over the moon with my results. I thank them for all their support.

Another exciting moment is happening next week for me. Cancer has opened many windows. I have established the Melbourne Melanoma Support Group, ridden the Tour De Cure in 2013 and again his year, met some amazing people and connected with many diverse people. Recalibrated my life and now feel more alive and connected with friends and loved ones. Sharing my journey and story to groups and sporting clubs has been something that has further developed over time. 

Last year I was invited to speak to the Melbourne Football Club, once again they have asked me to return and talk to new players and coaching staff about resilience, determination and perseverance. This is happening next Thursday. I am very much looking forward to doing this again and adding all the good news that has happened to me in the past 12months.

I also thought I’d mention that my gorgeous wife, who I love so very much, is in the ‘wars’ at the moment. She has a damaged finger and this is something that will affect her work as an osteopath, she is also unable to run due to badly inflamed and damaged foot. So her training has slowed down. (I think she wanted some sympathy and was sick of me getting all the attention) No seriously, I hope it all improves for her.

If possible can readers and followers please donate and share my Tour De Cure Ride link. Thanks to those who have generously donated.

Remember to hug your loved one's. Love to all. x

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