Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Opportunities That Occur When You Have Cancer:

As the title suggests there have been many opportunities that have occurred since being diagnosed with Cancer. As I always say embrace all that is offered to you in life.

People can complain and whine about small things and not do anything about this. People who have cancer have the entire rite in the world to moan, complain and feel sorry for themselves, as well as be pissed off with the world, ‘WHY ME?’

But with every negative a positive can occur. Simple quote I have used in my talks on cancer and my journey is:

This says it all. Embrace what has happened in your life and make a go of the situation. Let it strengthen you and not define you.

Whist riding one day I saw this quote and grabbed a photo of it. It sums up all that is happening in my life and journey.

The opportunities that have occurred for me would never have happened without my cancer. I was recently asked again to talk to the Melbourne Football club and its new recruits/coaching staff. This was an honor. My presentation went very well and you can scroll through the slide show below.

                            Melbourne FC presentation 2014 from Nathan Jones

A thrilling opportunity I was given by a friend and sporting mentor Brian Rabinowitz, who invited me in 2012 to talk on his radio show when I was first diagnosed. I loved the having a chance to talk with him and his colleagues on 1116 SEN ‘Higher, Faster, Stronger’. 

Once again last month in fact, I was invited back to talk to them and about my journey so far and all things, Health and Fitness in relation to Cancer.
Naturally I spoke about cycling, running and energy levels as well as positive mindset towards having cancer. You can hear this podcast from the link provided above.

The Melanoma Support Group and our friends are walking on the 23rd March as part of the Melanoma March for research into Melanoma at The Australian Melanoma Institute. Once again an opportunity for all of us to embrace and work together raising funds for research and meet others on the same journey. This group has allowed me to meet wonderful people and motivate me to fight for Melanoma research and work with organisation’s to work together for a common cause. I am also speaking at this event. A nervous moment I am sure for my family and I.

All of these opportunities mentioned have allowed me to share with others and ‘commit’ myself to this horrid disease in a positive way.

Also ‘challenge’ myself to share my story and ‘connect’ with others and make them aware of how precious life is and hopefully make a difference to those in my life or those who are following my journey. Lastly, take ‘control’ of my life and this situation, keep fit, healthy and strong in mind.

Life is tough and it is easy to say ‘it is too hard’ and sit on our hands. But this option is not the decision I am taking, nor for those who are suffering in life.

A lady I know quite well and someone who has a battle on their hands has truly embraced life and changed her mindset. This person has taken on more and kept busy, exercising more frequently, enjoying opportunities that are coming her way. I have been extremely impressed with the change in their approach and attitude to the fight they have. She is moving forward and seeing the other side of the journey she has unfortunately been put on. I am very proud of her.

Blood Results
I did receive blood results today (Wednesday). All very positive and in the words of Phillip, my oncologist, ‘you are a very different person. You really are testing and pushing the boundaries of Cancer. You are not NORMAL’. I’ll take these words as a complement.  I am clearly over the moon with my health and fitness.

Which leads me to my Tour De Cure Training. Thanks to all those who donated! I have reached my Fund raising target and I am looking forward to riding the Tour in 4 weeks, just after my next scheduled scan.

My training is going really well. I have been climbing the hills and clocking the K’s. Averaging around 220km’s a week. My mate and training partner (Matthew Collins) has been a huge support.

We have ridden a lot together and shared many stories along our rides. Laughed and spoken of our ‘better halves’ and children (all positive Lisa).

I have also entertained Matty recently with a stack whilst riding last weekend. After climbing the Dandenongs (Lovely image below), I decided to clip the gutter and fall.
Matty was behind and saw this all happen. He recalls that I bounced when I hit the ground, yes it hurt. The concern was for my bike. All is fine.

As you can see from my images, my knee did cop a battering. Matty and I laugh about it now. First stack in a long time!
On the home front, the family……is slightly sick. The two younger girls have picked up a virus, keeping us busy. Lisa is also injured. She has a torn ligament in her finger, ‘The Rude Finger’, along with a strained arch in her foot. Separate incidents by the way. Therefore making her unable to work or keep fit……. I am keeping her happy. Happy wife = Happy life. Its my turn to look after her!

Also in the short time since my last blog entry. It was my wonderful, amazing and loving dad's (Granddad's) birthday. 

Last weekend, we ventured as a family to the Enchanted Maze at Arthurs Seat. Everyone loved the day out.

The girls are busy with activities, gymnastics, dance, kinder, swimming, school and playing with their dolls. All of which I embrace and love.

Life is precious and we need to embrace all it offers. Don’t sweat the small things. Share with others.

Remember to hug your loved one's. Love to all. x

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