Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year and Scan Results.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! A lot has happened since the last blog entry.

Firstly, I am so happy to have finished a full year of working full time and look forward to heading back to Year 6 in 2014. I love teaching and especially teaching Year 6. 

It was also wonderful to see Ariella and Kalita finish their first year of Prep and Kinder.
Like most people I love Christmas and this year it was really good to have another Christmas to celebrate. I have added a video clip of our Christmas morning/day. The girls had a wonderful day and thrived on being spoilt by Santa and loved one’s. This year we held Christmas Lunch at our place for Lisa’s family and then went to my Brothers house for dinner. 

                                                                    CHRISTMAS 2013

As usual Lisa did an amazing job cooking and decorating the deck area. I have also added photos of the Christmas Day and a photo of the family from Christmas 2012 and comparing it to 2013 (Above).  
A side note: the photos and movie clips in this blog are what I call ‘time capsules’ for my girls and family to remember moments I was here with them. (God forbid) things turn ugly one day.

The Melanoma Support Group I have started has been going really well. The last meeting before Christmas was well attended. Not a good thing to be there for the reason of having Melanoma, but great to have people networking and sharing their stories. Those who have been attending have been receiving a number of ideas and relevant tips on coping with this ‘beast of a disease’. I feel wonderful that this group is being a benefit to those attending.

This week (January 7th 2014) was a combination of many exciting and nervous moments. 
One very exciting moment from the week was celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary. 
I also had my regular bloods and CT scans.

To celebrate our wedding anniversary, Lisa and I stayed in the city at Crown. We went to Gold Class and dinner. It was wonderful to spend time with my best friend and the love of my life.  I have added a photos. 

Wedding Anniversary 2014

My health is really good and I have had no major issues or concerns. My weight has been good… any loss of weight is a sign of progression. I have been going to the gym more and as a result gained more muscle.

As always my scanaxiety set in leading up to scans, but I was feeling a lot more comfortable about these results. I have been feeling great and keeping extremely fit…..In fact last week I rode 180km’s in total for the week and still averaging 160km a week. My oncologist is amazed at what I am doing. The holiday time also adds to this relaxed feeling. Like most of you, when you add stress to your life either work related or something similar, you will feel like you have less energy…..hence 2014 I am aiming to reduce stress and keep those close to me even closer.

My Scans went well. The photos below will give you an idea of what a cancer patient goes through each time they have a CT scan/bloods. It was great to have Scott De Young and his lovely wife, Kim, drop by to say ‘hi’ and wish me luck whilst I was preparing for the scan. Scott is a fellow Stage IV Melanoma patient. He and his family are an inspiration to all Melanoma and Cancer patients. 
Also thanks to my younger brother Reardon for staying with the girls, whilst Lisa and I went to the oncologist appointment. 

The blood and scan results came back clear of any new metastatic melanoma. (You can probably see my jumping for joy). The one tumour that is still present has stayed stable since October 2013 scans. This is a very good thing. However, I was hoping it would have disappeared completing in this scan….. You could say I am being selfish with my expectation, but I was hoping for this.

I asked my Oncologist if there was a reason why it hasn’t disappeared and he said; “It might be scar tissue and not a tumour at all”. As it has been there for so long with no major reduction or increase in size compared to all of the other tumours over the past 12 months.

I am taking this information, as it may not be a tumour and more likely scar tissue. This would be awesome and would mean I am clear of Metastatic Melanoma. We might not know this for sure…. but, I’ll take it!

In 2013, I had 12 CT Scans and about 27 or more needle injections for blood tests or dye injections. No complaints from me…. Part of the journey and the result so far is that I am here and living life, doing the things I love and being with the ones I love.

One last thing; if you have time to share or donate to this link that would be very much appreciated. It is for the two day Tour De Cure ride I will be doing in April. I will be a guest rider riding from Mansfield to Eildon (Day 1) then Eildon to Brighton Beach (Day 2). I will be riding 250km over two days and climbing around 5000metres. The Money raised goes to all facets of cancer research and cancer centres.
Thanks to those who have donated and shared the link.

Remember to hug your loved one's. Love to all. x

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  1. Mate, great to see you so full of energy. You're always welcome at the Vic 12s footy. Cheers. Terry.