Wednesday, December 4, 2013

An Update on my Melanoma Journey:

Life throws us challenges.

How did people go with the challenge I left you in the last post? Keep the challenge going.

Just this week I had a check up, which outlined that my blood results were excellent. They indicated no further progress. The other good news from this appointment was that the medication I have been on (Dabrafenib), as a compassionate patient since December 2012, has now been listed on the Australian Government’s PBS, which means the medication/treatment is proving successful and allows other melanoma patients access to this medication/treatment.

My oncologist said I am looking fit, healthy and can’t see any progression of the disease happening too soon. He mentioned that if I do progress, I would be placed on a trial called PD-1 and this trial could run for the next year or two.  He feels that I won’t need the trial in the next 12 months or so. He is that confident in how well I am doing and cannot believe how much I have achieved this past 12 months.

Last weekend I raced in my first my first criterium bike race in over a year. To say I was excited is an understatement. I finished well and have learnt a few things….stay off the front to conserve energy…...also 'anything is possible no hurdle is too big'. My riding buddy Matthew Collins came along to the race as support has took the photos below. I have been riding well and clocking the K’s up……doing an average of 150k’s a week. I have also registered for the Tour De Cure ride in 2014, again as a guest rider for two days. Donations are welcome head to this link: Tour De Cure 

That's me at the front.  
My again at the front. 

I am truly feeling great and probably need to slow down a little. Like everyone I am looking forward to Christmas with the family and celebrating another Christmas and enjoying this time with loved ones. I especially take this Christmas as special…last year some people probably thought 2012 Christmas was probably my last one….however I am here for this one and many more to come.

Christmas 2012

My Melanoma Support group meetings have been going really well. My parents have been to all meetings. We’ve had a number of people and their partners attend also. These meetings have been held at my place of work on the second Wednesday of each month. 

I also presented my Melanoma Journey to the Middle School students and staff at my school. Another wonderful opportunity that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I also cannot believe my two eldest girls are finishing their first year of school and kinder. This is something I hope to continue to see in the future. I hold onto these moments and never let them go. Moments like these should be treasured whether you are ill or not.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support over the past year and Lisa and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

I have scans first week of January.

Remember to hug your loved one's. Love to all. x

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  1. Wonderful to read of your amazing progress Nathan. Thanks for continuing to share with us. Best wishes to you and the family for Christmas and beyond.