Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A few emotional moments and reminders.

It has been an interesting, busy and emotional week or so.
My support group is going really well and I am enjoying the opportunity to host and share ideas of health and motivation.

In the past week a mate of mine from my school days, his brother Damian ‘Dards’ Williams a fellow Stage 4 Melanoma Patient, passed away. He was only 32 Years of age and battled this disease for the past 14 months, after 10 years ago having a primary removed. A lovely guy married for 12 months or so.

I met him for coffee a few times and discussed his treatment and health. He and I were on the same drug and things looked good for him many times during this period of 14 months. However, eventually it went pear shaped and the dabrafenib didn’t work anymore for him.

I was very saddened to hear he passed. Many reasons, young married guy, and a connection we had with school and Melanoma, same treatment. His passing has hit home with me…..Is this going to happen to me? Will dabrafenib not work one day? I do have Plan ‘B’ there if its needed. This is reassuring!

I did attend the funeral which was an amazing service! Aidy, his brother spoke very well about Damian. My dad came with me as support and I am grateful for this. I was fine, not emotional or thinking negative at all….I did have times of self talk and thinking ‘I am not going yet, I am here for a long time, not a short time’.

Times like this again recalibrate your life and make you appreciate and have gratitude for what is around and what I have. I am thankful for my family, Lisa, the girls and my ability to do the things I love.

Another emotional time was the news that a parent at school who has cancer received some bad news…. Her cancer has spread. I am close to this family and have taught one of their children. I am sending all positive thoughts to her and want her to know she has a lot to live for and I think the world of her as does her family and community. Stay strong and do everything possible to heal and fight. We need you here.

All of these mentioned times have made me more motivated to fight and keep positive. Life sends us challenges and we need to tackle them as best we can. Some challenges we don’t need, but this is where the fighting spirit rises to the top and gets us face to face with what is important.

I was talking with my mum and dad the other day (my parents are amazing people and great support for my wife, girls and I) they mentioned that people they bump into many people who ask and seem to think that I am cured….because I am working, training and look great….I wish this was true…I am not cured and yes I do feel great and am at a fitness that I am happy with…my health is as good as it will be until I am cured or in remission.

It is hard to explain how I feel about what people think. I feel at times people must think I am fraud or putting it all on…..this is not the case. I have been dealt this hand in life and dealing with it my way….head strong and with determination to win.

I am training well, riding a lot and hitting some solid rides with Matty Collins my mate. Running is continuing along with hitting the gym more frequently….just to get the arms and chest back.  Lisa and the girls are well, clearly we are all looking forward to the end of the school year and another Christmas. I have bloods in two weeks and will keep you posted.

I have a question for you all and a challenge…..What are you most grateful for in life? When you are out and about take some time to stop and appreciate what is around you or those around you. Do something kind for a work colleague…..a small token of appreciation….a coffee pod, chocolate, flower, note something little. That is your challenge.

In our busy lives we forget to stop and breathe the air and smell the roses.

Try hard to not sweat the small things.

Remember to hug your loved one's. Love to all. x


  1. Thank you Nathan for reminding us what is real. Much love, Sue

  2. Just about to send you an email to say thanks for all the support this year and we have loved the support the school and you have provided for Ariella.

  3. It is easy to support wonderful people. Always here x