Friday, June 7, 2013

Presenting my Story and Demonstrating Resilience, Determination and Courage.

Lately, I have been presenting at E-Learning Conferences about the iPad in Classrooms and how to better use this device within a classroom environment. It is so exciting to be back presenting on my passion of E-Learning. I am in the coming months presenting as a Keynote presenter at the VITTA E-Learning Conference in Melbourne. Link to my Keynote blurb at the next conference. VITTA CONFERENCE

Since being ill I have presented my melanoma story twice to other schools other than mine. On a brisk, Friday (7th June) I presented my story and journey to another school in Melbourne. This school had been raising money for cancer research and especially Peter Mac Centre. Below is the presentation I did. 
Hope-The Melanoma Journey from Nathan Jones Click right to flip through. 

I am enjoying this new added aspect to my life. Lisa was with my today at this presentation and it is really hard to not become emotional when presenting in front of her and talking about what 'might be' and you have a slide of your family appears. I am getting better at holding my emotions in, but really why should I?! I am keeping positive as always and maintaining my health and fitness. 

My aim for these presentations is to not get sympathy votes or personal gratitude, but share my story and hopefully inspire people at pursuing their Life Goals. What is presented at these presentations is pretty much the information shared in this blog. Please feel free to embed or email the above presentation to whoever. In the next few weeks, I am most likely doing a presentation for a famous sporting club who isn't travelling that well. I'll be sharing my story to them and adding information about building resilience, determination, courage and fight. Hopefully this group can gain something from my presentation. I'll keep you posted in next blog about who and when. 

This week I had my regular blood tests for the usual check up, oncologist next week. I am feeling brilliant and not expecting any negative results. I am training hard as ever and looking at setting some goals to compete or enter events in the future. 

There are a few people I'd like to thank and mention in this blog. 
My colleague and friend Bruce Oakley, who has been driving me to work each day for the past 9 weeks of this term. The other friends are John Stevens and his wife Grace, who have been an awesome support and thanks to John who has kindly picked me up each Friday morning for our indoor spin sessions. 

Last weekend 2nd June, was my younger brothers birthday he turned 37 Happy birthday Leighton. He and I are twins for a month. (See if you can work that out). 

I also had a ride with John and Grace on this weekend. It was through the hills out our way which totalled 55km by the end of the trip. It was a fun/funny ride. It surprised me how well I was doing out in the hills. The entertaining part was when John had two flats 1km of each other. The funny aspect was that he couldn't change a flat. So, his wife stepped up and changed it for him, both times. Photo evidence to prove this are below. These moments make me really appreciate friends, life and being here to enjoy my time. 

John holding the bike while Grace changes the flat. 
Grace's Hands after changing her husband's Flats. 
Our weekends lately have been very much centred around friends and children's parties which are very 'girlie' in theme and at the same time extremely enjoyable catching up with friends/family. 
My Ballet Girls having fun. 
Moments like these are sometimes hard work, but so enjoyable and  are really about seeing our girls grow and develop.....I am just not wearing a tutu, for any reason. 
Spending time at friends children's parties

Spending time at friends children's parties
Blood results next week and this means scans in three weeks after this. Hug your kids and love to all. x


  1. More power to you Nathan. You're an inspiration to many. I am looking forward to meeting you at the VITTA conference in August.

    Jenny :)

  2. Look forward to seeing you at VITTA, need to get my Keynote sorted soon.....don't see myself as an inspiration but thanks.