Wednesday, May 22, 2013

7 Months On.....

My scan this week Monday 20th May had me a little stressed for the two whole days I had to wait for results. Wednesday came around finally, but I had to wait all day for news, I figured no phone call must be good news. The morning of the results, I did my usual Wednesday ride with Matthew Collins, 35km loop. We froze as it was about 2degrees. To start the day I thought I'd entertain Matty and those at the traffic lights by trying to clip into my pedals and turn the corner at the same time. Not a good combination of gross motor skill movement. BANG!! Fell off side ways, Matty was laughing his head off and this continued until we parted ways. I am fine, bruised hip. Back to the Scan..... it was ok, however, once they finished they asked me to hop back on the bed, as they needed to re-scan my liver. Their reason was because they needed a better image…… well call me paranoid, but Stage 4 Melanoma patients take these comments as if there is something wrong.
About to leave Benalla during the Tour de Cure ride earlier this month.
As Lisa drove me to the clinic I was quiet with nerves, Zahlia our youngest was in her seat talking away. The results came back.... and as one of my friends said to me.... 'they (the results) are a bit of a mix bag of lollies’. You'll understand why..... I was very anxious about these scans for reasons mentioned. I feel awesome and this includes my mind. The results showed two tumours present that have been there since this terrible beast mutated back in October 2012. One tumour is the same size as the previous scan 13mm, this is in my bowel area, the other is 18mm and grown 3mm since last scan, it is in my chest area not in or on the lungs. Here is the ‘mixed bag’, can’t say this made me happy to hear. The good news why they re-scanned was just that a re-scan and all is fine with my liver. No new tumours present anywhere in my body, very happy about this.

The brain is all clear and this pleased the oncologist and the rest of the results did as well, bloods are pristine. I would have loved NED to be said by my oncologist (no evidence of disease) but I'll take the results I have. Lisa my beautiful wife is extremely happy, this is a guide as to how I should feel. She has been amazing and this week she is in party mode again with our youngest turning 2 this coming weekend.
Zahlia our Youngest, who turns two this weekend. 
Generally my health, positivity and happiness are great. I am working as hard as ever and presenting at an E-learning Conference in Melbourne this weekend.

I have been riding an average of 140+km a week. For me this is a sign of moving forward from the beast the beckons within. I give my girls a huge hug and kiss each night and I thank whomever for what positive things that are happening to me.

If and when the Dabrafenib drug stops working the oncologist has Plan ‘B’ ready to go and this is the Yervoy treatment which isn't on the PBS yet ($120000 for initial treatment), but hopefully it will be by the time I may need it. My oncologist did hand us the Yervoy information booklet, I have read some of it. But keeping the rest for when needed, staying positive and working with what is happening now. The handing over of the booklet alarmed me…. Why is this being handed to me? Does he know something or is he keeping something from me? I walked to the car after the appointment reminded my inner self that this illness I have, is terminal and one day the drugs won’t work. But healthy mind, healthy body. 

Many unexpected things are heading my way as a result of my illness. I have been invited to talk to a school group about resilience, determination and my journey so far. This is at a school where an old colleague of mine is Head of. I am looking forward to completing this presentation. Given I am still not driving, my lovely wife will be taking me out to this school. This will be a nice time for Lisa and I to spend chatting and enjoying each others company, I might even annoy her along the way with my iTunes play list she dislikes! 

I am also looking forward to meeting and supporting a Facebook friend, I have befriended Scott De Young. He is a young father of three who is in need of the drug Yervoy. He has Melanoma Stage 4 similar to my illness, but unfortunately he cannot take the Dabrafenib Medication. If you haven’t heard his story or would like to support somehow click on the link.

My wife and I want to support Scott and his family by sharing our stories and journey's.

I am keen to race again soon, either crit race (bike racing) or duathlon’s. In the coming months my goals are to keep healthy and stay positive in all ways, support Scott De Young and present about e-learning and education at a variety of Conferences or schools. Spend quality time with the girls and my gorgeous wife and enjoying Zahlia's birthday. 
‘Attitude is everything’

A quote that was sent to me by Janine De Paiva
‘With the right attitude, greatness can be achieved and a cure for Cancer can be found.’

My gorgeous wife. 


  1. Wonderful post Nathan and you are correct attitude is everything. Self talk has to stay positive and you are doing exactly that. Looking forward to seeing you at ICTEV. Cheers!

  2. Hi Nathan,
    You are a true inspiration. I have followed your tweets but hadn't seen this blog until today. Your energy and positive attitude is wonderful and I wish you many years of good health and happiness.
    Your presentation at ICTEV was great and I will be giving AR a shot tomorrow!

  3. Thanks so much for your comment, I am glad you are enjoying your AR work and got something from my presentation. It is good to be back doing things I am passionate about. Keep in contact with me for any info.