Saturday, June 29, 2013

Motivation and Sharing with others.

Motivation and Sharing with others. 

I haven’t had the chance to blog lately; very-busy time of the year for teachers.
Not complaining as I am currently on two weeks holiday.

What has happened of late?......Well as I mentioned I have had reports to write. Haven’t had to write reports for a year. As last years end of year reports I wasn’t in a good place to complete them.

Reports done. Next was our Year 5 educational school camp experience to Sovereign Hill. For those who don’t know this place it is a living museum in Ballarat Victoria. When there the students and teachers attend the schools in on the grounds as 1850’s folk. It is essentially stepping back in time. Refer to the images below. It was an amazing experience……bloody freezing see image.

This camp was the first camp for me in 12 months. I went well, but was stuffed when I got home. My colleague and I decided we’d test out the camp experience with the students taking their iPads to explore the grounds of Sovereign Hill. I created an eBook for them to follow and complete tasks in. Ground breaking for education and camps at my school!

Aside from all of this busyness, I am feeling very well. Clearly tired and needing this mid year break. But feeling very good. I had bloods which came back clear….I have scans in two weeks and I am going to admit I am very nervous and anxious about these next scans. The nights here are extremely cold and as a result I should be sleeping very well, however I have had night sweats most of this week. For those who understand and know about cancer…..night sweats are not good signs. I am remaining positive and feel it is possibly my body fighting a cold or another infection. Our girls have been ill and maybe I’ve picked up something they have had.

I don’t feel unwell; I am slightly low on energy levels some days. But nothing like I have been. I rode the bike home from work the other day after working all day and riding to work in the morning and still managed to smash the ride home beating times set some of the climbs home. The total km for the day was 55. This is where I am confident the dabrafenib medication is doing some real good.  Fingers crossed and pray that all is good in two weeks.

On Saturday 29th June I presented my journey and story to my football club I played 160 games at as a senior player about 6 years ago. This presentation will be repeated again on 2nd July to a more ‘high profile’ Sporting team who are struggling at the moment. I will share my experience from this in my next blog entry. Can’t say much at the moment. Refer to the slide show that I presented to the Templestowe Football Club. (There are some graphic images) I obviously talk to the slides and use them as prompts. I think it went well. Unfortunately they didn’t win on this day. But all I hope is that one or more players take something from this presentation and add it to their lives now. I really enjoyed sharing my story and watching the reactions of those listening. My aim is not to stir emotion, but inspire.

I also want to share a TED talk that I watched in the past week that makes a lot of sense to me. It is very interesting and the way this person in the TED talk, saw the cancer she was diagnosed with. See what you think. 

We (Lisa and I) have a lot on this month our middle child turns four and she is very excited about her party and yes Lisa is going to bake again, creating some of her outstanding cakes/desserts. We also plan to do a few activities in these two weeks. Off to the Wiggles this weekend!
I have set some goals for the rest of the year and excited about achieving them:-
I have entered the 10km Melbourne Marathon race. It will be an emotional moment for me……as my aim last year was to finish top 10 in my age and break 37min. Unfortunately on that weekend last year, I was in hospital having three brain tumours removed. The emotion will be in the significance and timing of this event and how far I have come since October 2012.  I am planning to get back into running training again soon and see how I go about setting times I can achieve or beat…. realistically I should just be happy to just run, but that is not in my nature I aim High and always have.

Lisa is also running at the Melbourne Marathon Event and she has set her goal at running the half marathon. I am very proud of her for having a go at this distance. She will do really well. Last year she had entered the half, but due to my illness she withdrew. Between the two of us it will be an emotional experience and now we have to work out our training days, in between work and family.

The other event I really am keen to enter and haven’t as yet is the 120km Granfondo cycle race in Lorne Victoria, in September. This is a more challenging event with some big climbs. I will do some training rides with the Peak Cycle boys and make a decision soon.

I am riding about 140km a week and work is great. August will be a big month with education presentations at various educational conferences. Also getting the all clear to be behind the wheel again and have some of my independence back. The family is really well…. give or take a few sniffles and tiredness.
Lisa is the strength and pillar of our immediate family. I admire her strength and fighting attitude.

Let me finish by saying thank you to all the people who have sent us best wishes and taken an interest in how I am going. Some people ask me how do I do it and not feel sad or angry at the world? My answer is from a quote I love to use in my presentations:

This black beast of a disease that has profoundly changed our life is unfortunately a prick. But it ‘PICKED THE WRONG PERSON TO FIGHT!’

Love to all and hug those you love.

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