Sunday, February 3, 2013

What a week, First day of Prep/Kinder, back to work, scans, bloods, some big rides.

What a week! First day of Prep/Kinder, back to work, scans, bloods, some big rides.

My first week back teaching full time was combined with many challenges/emotions. Our eldest also started school for the first time and our middle child started 3YO Kinder, which has been a count down since Christmas. They both had a ball and can't wait to head back to school/kinder. I also had my 8 week scans which equals 8 weeks on the Dabrafenib BRAF drug. I’ve had very little side effects from this drug. The week began with our national holiday to celebrate Australia Day. I had my first two days back at work with positive education Professional Development at our Middle/senior school campus. It was great to see so many people and glad to be back getting into routine of full time work.

The week had been going well, until the middle of the week. I discovered a lump on my neck; this concerned me and made me rather uneasy. My concern was that the drug isn’t working and that I’d be heading back into hospital. All I wanted to do was teach and get to know my students. Not put pressure on Lisa to look after everything.

To ease my concern I went to the oncologist that after he felt the lump. Which by the way was tender and sore. The oncologist felt it and he believed it was an infected lymph node. This didn’t sit well with me, as I was feeling great and had no idea why a lump has appeared. To ease my concerns the oncologist rescheduled my scans from the Friday to the Thursday. Thursday afternoon came and I took the usual drive to the hospital, this drive has now become an ‘auto pilot trip’ for me.

All I was hoping for was that no other new tumours would be present. Clearly the new lump was concerning, I sat in the waiting room drinking the worst tasting drink to assist with the scans. I have no idea how pregnant women drink this drink. It tastes terrible. The scans took about an hour and half all up.

The next day was my oncologist appointment. My wife and I went to our daughters school in the morning this milestone was a great start to the day and one that took our minds off everything, Ariella did exceptionally well and enjoyed her first Prep day.
FIRST Day of Prep. Back in October when I was ill and in hospital this was my goal to see Ariella head to school. 

All we hoped was a perfect end to the day also. This was not to be…. My appointment was good and bad. The neck lump is a result of dying tumours, however, there was a new tumour that has appear behind my sternum. This disappointed me, the drug is working, but a new tumour to me is like a set back. Blood results presented very well. I am keeping positive, but obviously disappointed. He did point out the other tumours present had reduced in size. I should take this as positive news.

My first day teaching was busy and very enjoyable. I have also pushed myself on the bike throughout the week. Clocking up 150km this week. All rides completed with good friends.

On another note my hair is slowing returning. It looks like a ‘fluffy duck’.

Thanks to everyone who has sent messages of support and asked about my progress and health. Your thoughts and prayers are a great support to me and my family. 


  1. Glad to hear that your good news outweighs your bad news and you've had some lovely family milestones this week. Sending you support a d good wishes.

  2. Great to see you have achieved your October goal Nathan and shared Ariella's first day at school! (What a cutie!) Hang on to the positive news and keep growing that hair...


  3. Ariella's day was wonderful on Friday and mixed results must be hard to take.You are looking great and I will keep the prayers going.