Tuesday, February 19, 2013

March Against Melanoma.....

March Against Melanoma and other events

In two weekends time I will be participating in the March Against Melanoma on 3rd March at Catani Gardens, in Melbourne, Victoria. This event was suggested to me by my wonderful and loving sister Olivia calling me and asking if I'd be interested in setting up a team for this event. 

So we set up a combination team of Family, friends and colleagues. Our cousins the Huckstepps, have joined this event and they will be representing their late father, my uncle Leeroy Huckstepp, who passed away in 2012 of Melanoma, he fought hard. Therefore our team name is Huckjonesstepp.

This event is to raise awareness and funds for Melanoma research; and as a result people can donate to this worthy cause. My sister and I are super impressed with the donations so far. We are currently at $1720 and all of this has come from many sections of the community. I have posted on Twitter and Facebook the link in on this page and as a result had many walks of life donated. This has impressed me a lot. The March Against Melanoma link 

At this stage my whole family, close friends, colleagues and others will be walking with us on the day. The more people we have the happier and all are welcome to join or donate. I am looking forward with excitement walking with my beautiful wife and children, as well as others!

One of the families from my school have also decided to join this event and started their own team. Once again this has impressed me and made me feel like I am having an influence on life.

To add to the events of the week ahead I was asked by the Chaplain at my school to participate in the Middle school Chapel service based on ‘Hope’. I am looking forward to presenting my journey and sharing with past students my situation. I will keep people posted with how it goes. 

I also have my 6-week blood check test this week. Again I will keep you posted on how this goes. My neck tumours that were present on the last scan are shrinking and not sore anymore. I think the drug is doing some serious damage to this nasty cancer.

Being back at work has lifted my zest for life. Mixing with staff and students makes me realize how much I love teaching and educating. I am also enjoying my time back on the bike with mates. I have been averaging 110km a week and hopefully next week I’ll be back running. The mind and body feel really good.  The bike fitness is a little off my race pace and think I am a few weeks away from racing. 

My four brothers and sister at my brothers wedding last year. 

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