Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Two years on since being diagnosed Stage 4 Melanoma…….Where do I start? It has been a busy month and a bit. A family holiday to Palm Cove was relaxing for the girls, Lisa and I. Such a pleasant time to withdraw and enjoy the precious time with the family and enjoy it as a reward for my previous good news from the last successful scan (No Evidence of Disease) and surviving two more years since our lives had been turned up side down.

We loved the beach and beautiful weather in Palm Cove. As I like to do, below is a short movie of our time away. (Time Capsule Moment) 

              Palm Cove Holiday from Junior School on Vimeo.

Upon returning back to Melbourne…..My excitement and nerves stepped up again…..this wasn’t because of scans or oncology appointments. It was AFL Grand final week and the MIGHTY HAWKS my Team had made it again.

Three years in a row playing in a the AFL Grand final one win and one loss in this time……this year was going for back to back flags was my hope…..My nerves and lack of confidence  in winning this year was because the Hawks were playing the in form team of the competition, the Swans.

I love GF week and sit back and soak up all that it offers. I liken it to Christmas week for footy fans!!!

This year I decided I’d take the girls to see the Hawks train at Waverly Park, and enjoy the moments I enjoy and share the excitement, however, Ariella was the only one who wanted to come along. my brother-in-law Andrew also a Hawks fan came with us.
Andrew and Ariella. 

Thanks to a mate of mine from my old footy club Templestowe FC, I was able to secure two tickets to a corporate box. 

Something I am externally grateful for, however I did have a decision to make….who was coming along. I feel bad for not asking Lisa first to come with me; nevertheless my dad who has also been an amazing support to all of us was the person I decided to take with me. He is a Swan’s supporter and this would make it a wonderful time for both of us.

Dad enjoyed the afternoon, even though the Swans played the worst game of footy that season…..The Hawks were amazing and smashed the Swans by 63 points. BACK TO BACK Flags……the win in 2013 was unbelievable and again this year was a lot more special. What an amazing two months….. clear  scans, holiday and Hawks win! Yes you can say I am very happy.

We also had Lisa’s Birthday in since my last blog entry…….we enjoyed family time again and for those who remember from my earlier blogs….2years ago I was in hospital on her birthday and totally forgot about it…..with reason.

The girls and I pampered her, given my lack of skill at baking…….Lisa decided to bake a cake with the girls and have them decorate it……wish I was home and not working to see them working together on this master piece.

Lisa, I hope you had a wonderful day and enjoyed your cake and being the loved and the centre of attention for the day. You are my world and without you…..I am not sure I’d be here. Moments again I am glad I have been here to see and enjoy.

Another amazing feat that occurred this month was from a fellow Melanoma warrior from the MIA support group, Elise Beaton who is a stage 4 survivor and like me in remission. As away of celebrating her clear scans she decided to compete in the Melbourne Marathon…….YES 42km run…….an effort that would be hard for anyone, let alone someone who has stage 4 cancer.

Elise also created a fund raising page for the Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA). Funds go to melanoma research. Elise and her generous friends raised $17,500. An amazing effort in fund raising and even more amazing in completing the 42km run in 4hrs.

Elise is a young mother of two who has proven to many that anything can be achieved with guts, determination and positivity. I am so proud to know Elise and call her a friend. This link will give you an insight to this amazing person.

Along with Elise competing and taking things to the next level was Kim De Young who lost her partner Scott to Melanoma earlier this year. Kim ran and completed the half marathon in memory of Scott. Kim is an inspirational lady who has been through a lot this year and another person who has fought adversity to achieve something extraordinary.  I am extremely proud of these two ladies.

Kim and Scott De Young.

My personal journey continues, I am travelling really well…..the return to work from holidays has been smooth and at the same time busy. Both my recent blood results have been clear and very good.  My next lot of CT scans are in December…..I think these will be clear, however, probably my most anxious of all……they’ll be first one’s since clear scans in September.

I am training hard and riding around 200km a week. My mate Matthew Collins is keeping up I am in the gym work when I can. Matty and I are doing a team Half Ironman event at the end of November, another friend of Matty’s will do the 1.8km swim, I will receive the timing band from him and jump on my bike and time trial 90km, then pass the timing band to Matty to complete the half Ironman with a 21km run….No pressure Matty. This ride for me will be the beginning of my training for Crit. Season and the 2015 Tour De Cure ride…..1100km Melbourne to Adelaide in April.

My beast.
Melanoma is a beast of a disease and can wither you down and make your life hell, however, it can also make your life more valuable and important than ever…..whether you have cancer or something negative in your life remember to not let it weigh you down or beat you. Positive mind set is the key to everything you want in life…….go to work unhappy and your day will be that…….walk into the door at the end of the day in that negative mood……then that will impact on those you love……make the most of everything you have and enjoy what is around you and share your love…..take a moment to soak up the small things……. breathe and relax.


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