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It has been a big month and a bit. As you would know my surgery last month went well and I have recovered exceptionally well. I had two weeks off work and enjoyed my time chilling out and spending time with the girls and Lisa.

During this time my passion for riding was put on hold whilst I recovered……I decided to drop my bike off to ‘Top Gear Cycles’ for a service. Whilst the boys in the shop looked over my bike, they found a large crack in my frame and this was behind the seat post……immediately I was devastated…….but not Cancer devastated. Luckily the frame was under warranty, therefore replaced with an upgrade. For those non-bike people I was very impressed and excited to have this three-year frame upgraded and ready to go……unfortunately it needed to be shipped from Switzerland therefore time was in my way.

This meant I was without a bike for two weeks……this is where a good mate came to the rescue….my good mate Matthew Collins lend me his spare bike to continue riding until my bike was ready. A great mate who has supported me in all aspects of my Cancer Journey!

My new frame arrived and I have not been off it since. It is a beast and one hell of an upgrade. I see this as a reward for all I have been through. Images below of new wheels and my cracked framed.
New Bike 
Cracked frame. 
A cracked frame is not the end of the world…….nor is this blog entry……in fact the total opposite. 

Father’s Day is another milestone and moment I keep locked away in my memory bank. It started with a great breakfast at Ariella's school.

As most dad’s you are woken up with the excitement of your children jumping on you with their presents and hand made cards. The girls had made amazing cards…..with beautiful words. Kalita our middle child had hand written her first card, mind you she is only in 4YO kinder. It was beautiful!! Ariella had purchased a blue hard case wallet that is water proof and bright enough so I cannot lose it and a ‘Super Dad pen'. Zahlia had drawn a picture on a card that represented a very skinny version of me. All of these gifts were priceless. The day was wonderful, time spent having breakfast at my favourite Café and then time in the park. Thanks to Lisa for all of her hard work.

The best present of all came the following day. I had scans the Friday before the weekend and Monday after Father’s Day I had an oncologist appointment……..results are here………last line on the report was: NO EVIDENCE OF METASTIC DISEASE!!!! Oncologist comments: ‘REMISSION’.
The last line of my CT report. 
I am over the moon and cannot believe I am here today almost two years down the track from what was the worst news ever to receiving the best news a cancer patient can receive. The Father’s Day present is now something that will see me here for a long time to come.
Christmas 2012
Comparison two years later. 
The past two years have been an emotional roller coaster ride. I have had five major surgeries, radiation treatment; active tumors appear here and there, a seizure, time off work, struggles, fatigue, numerous scans and blood tests. I know none of these things will change or go away and I am sure areas of my melanoma journey will somehow test me in the future……however; melanoma has picked the wrong person to bully. Challenges in life are here to test us and to see what we can do when faced with adversity.

What I have learnt and will always say and share with people. To be here today and in such a good state of mind and health, works on two important levels…… 48% oncology, 52% positive attitude and always working towards a healthy life and future.

I can personally say I have, (with the support of family, friends and my wonderful wife), worked hard for almost two years to have these positive results. My fitness, diet and positive mindset have had a huge impact on my results so far.

For my dear friends who have their own battles in life……..positivity and love of others is the key to wellness and moving forward. 

To one special friend of mine….all the best this week and keep on fighting, you are an amazing person who is loved dearly. Onwards and upwards!

A quote I love to refer to and use a lot.


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  1. Awesome stuff mate. Great post and great father's day news!
    I look forward to reading on about you being in top cycle form too!
    Keep well and thanks for your story.
    Cheers Rolfe
    PS I love your Statement "What I have learnt and will always say and share with people. To be here today and in such a good state of mind and health, works on two important levels…… 48% oncology, 52% positive attitude and always working towards a healthy life and future."