Friday, May 16, 2014


It has been an interesting and challenging Month. Mother’s Day was a special day/weekend. I spent the Saturday before Mother’s Day with my mum having a wonderful family dinner at our place. My mum has worked most Mother’s Days, and seeing her on Mother’s Day is sometimes challenging. This year I was keen to have the family over on the Saturday to spend time with mum. Mum, like most mothers’, is the support in the family. She has sacrificed so much for us and has been an amazing support to the family. It was wonderful to spend this time with her.

Lisa had a sensational Mother’s Day also. The girls spoiled her and we spent the morning walking our wonderful, beautiful and spectacular suburb, following the Yarra River that peacefully runs along the bottom of our street. It was a beautiful morning and this made the time together even more special. It isn’t until you take the time to look around and see the beauty around us…..something people do need to take more time to do.

I was also lucky enough to have flown up to Sydney in April to visit the Australian Melanoma Institute. It was an opportunity to tour this incredible facility, which made me very envious and in admiration of what was in this place and how much work is being done in the research and treatment of Melanoma. It is a groundbreaking place and I wished Melbourne had something similar and as advanced.

In my journey with Melanoma, I have met some inspiring and motivated people who have either suffered or are suffering from this insidious disease. The Melanoma Support Group has been a place that has opened the avenues for me to meet many motivated and positive people…….fighters like Elise Beaton and her husband Jason. Elise is stage 4 fighter and was diagnosed when she was pregnant to her second child. She is someone who is fit, healthy and very positive. As a person she is amazing and as a mother I am sure she is an inspiration to her children. Jason is her support and the two are so motivated and focused on moving forward and enjoying life. Others in the group are also fighters and inspiring in how they tackle their scans and a life with this disease.

This brings me to the most inspiring and toughest person I have ever known….. Scott De Young, sadly lost his battle with Melanoma about a week and half ago. Elise, Jason, Lisa and I attended the service and we were all emotionally moved. It was a fitting tribute to a sensational and tough man. His battle was a roller coaster of up’s and down’s, but the whole time he never complained and fought hard……in his words, ‘Whatever it Takes’. He has left behind a legacy, by having the his fight he took head on to be given the Yervoy drug…..his fight has seen the drug placed onto the PBS and this has opened up the treatment in Australia for many late Stage 4 fighters. More importantly he leaves behind a wonderful wife and three beautiful children. Kim is a remarkable woman who has been a huge support and positive force in Scott’s fight. Meeting Kim and Scott has given, Lisa and I an even more positive focus on fighting hard, ‘Whatever it Takes’. We are here now to support Kim and the family.

Scott and Kim. 
My work is extremely busy and now it is report writing time therefore it is only going to become even more hectic. I have been exploring my passion of E-Learning. I am pursuing further with this professional part of my life……In the next few months I will be hosting iPad based Webinars for an education consultancy company. I am also presenting at a couple of conferences…….this is exciting and another step forward for me to ensure my life is as normal and can be…….and not associated as someone who has Cancer. 

My class working on some iPad work I have created. My Passions. 

Lisa is great, however very frustrated as she is still injured and unable to run therefore, gym and swimming are her only ways she can exercise. Her work is also going well and being a mum is always busy.

The girls are fun and like Lisa busy with school, kinder, gymnastics, swimming, kids parties and general life. The small things I love doing with the girls are always treasured moments. Spending time having our regular Saturday milkshakes are moments that we look forward too along with our usual Saturday morning Pancakes. Treasuring these moments are parts of my life that I lock away and keep forever…….and make me appreciate life, setting my state of mind to being here for a ‘long time’. We all should enjoy every moment we have and savor these snippets of life for your personal satisfaction.

My love of cycling has maintained and I am still riding around 200km a week….. and loving it. My mate and training partner has been assisting where possible. He has had some days where he has missed a ride or two……I enjoy our rides and the fitness I have gained from cycling……I must say I am keen to get into a race or two soon…..its a matter of when and finding the time.

As for my health and scans…….the body is great I am fit and feeling amazing. My bloods have been outstanding and I am due for scans in about a month…..I am out to three monthly scans now and for me this is nervous times…..but also rewarding because it means things are going well.

I have always said that cancer has opened many windows for me…….I have been approached to speak at a community forum in the Greensborough area on Men’s Health, fitness and resilience (basically telling my story). Opportunities like these I really enjoy and embrace.

Overall, life is fantastic and I am forever grateful for what is happening to me and how good I am feeling…… I am working full time, presenting at conferences, training hard, being a dad, husband, brother, uncle, son, friend and teacher. At the same time embracing Melanoma as something that is there….but not there….if that makes sense.

Thoughts are also with a close friend who is going through a tough time. Thinking of her. 

Love to all and Remember to hug your loved one's. x x 

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