Sunday, July 28, 2013


Blog update.

All is going really well. I am fighting fit and still overwhelmed by my last results. Fitness is on improving, cycling heaps and hoping to run again this week.

One of my good friends Jason Ryding is running a number of marathons this year and I watched one of them over the weekend. He and the event have motivated me even more to get back to the running and hitting that level of fitness again. He raced well 2hr59min and placed 3rd out of 80 runners. IMPRESSIVE!
Jason Ryding. Marathon 2hr59min Good mate. 


I presented another ‘My Journey’, presentation to a mate’s footy club (Brenton Kinnear) St. Mary’s FC. It went well. He was pleased and I once again enjoyed the opportunity to tell my story.

I also did an educational Presentation to my daughter’s school staff, on using the iPad in Education. This also was enjoyable and well received. The staff has even invited me back to workshop with them later this year. It was so good to be presenting in this forum about my Passion for E-Learning and Apple technology. It’s during these times whilst presenting I totally forgot I have Cancer. The next month is going to be all about conference presentations, therefore very good distractions.

Finally, the decking area and screens that had been kindly donated and built over the Christmas period are almost complete. There are only a handful of items to complete in this space. Thanks to Adam Grills for following this up and getting things moving again. Images below:

I also went to a Naturopath to see what else I could be doing to improve my quality of life and health. This was a very good experience and I am now taking number of plant based, pre-digested foods to improve my immune and general quality of life. Juicing carrots is a regular thing Lisa and I do. (Thanks to Jay Allen for this tip). Now I am mixing drinks other nutritional drinks, such as Green Baley, Paw Paw, Citramin and Rev Plus. All of which are aimed at improving my recovery and hydration.

My naturopath also did a pin prick blood analyses and showed me what my blood looked like under a microscope and then showed me an image of what my blood should look like.

The aim is now to reach the healthy looking blood (see images) I have been on this routine diet for a week and I feel so much better.
Images of how blood cells should look after taking Citramin. 
Another huge highlight since the last blog was my 20 Year High school Reunion at my old school Parade College. It was great to see so many people I haven’t seen for along time. Many boys have changed and many have aged, many have skipped exercising and enjoyed life. 
Fellow Class mates from school reunion. 
Hawks are flying also which pleases me. 

Someone asked me recently is it hard to write such a personal blog and why do you write a blog?

My answer is was this; yes it is hard to express my feelings on life and get personal, but I manage and really enjoy writing. The reason for the blog is to keep people posted about my progress and inform those who are not in contact with us a lot, of how things are going.

The other reason is; I see this blog as my Journey and a way of letting my family remember me if something does happen to me.

I want my girls and Lisa to go back through the words/images and remember me for the person I was. I see this blog as a time capsule. The words and honesty is who I am.

The other reason is I know and hope other cancer or melanoma suffers read this blog and take something from it. Whether it is education or comfort and motivation.

Also some people I see everyday read this blog and feel more comfortable reading this than asking me how I am traveling. If this makes sense!

Below is short movie I have made of the girls and what we do most Saturday’s. Some people might find this movie a little morbid and created in a way that makes me look like I am giving up or things or that things are bad.

I have made it for my girls to see and remember what their dad did with them. People must remember I am keeping things for the future for people to remember me. This is a way of letting my girls know what we did and how much I love them.
My Girls from on Vimeo.

I haven’t made this movie for the end of everything. I am probably in the best condition and health I have been in for over 12months.  Here for a long time.

Love to all and remember hugs the one’s you love. X

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