Friday, July 19, 2013

SCAN RESULTS 8 Months on......

Back to work after a very restful two-week break. It was great to see my students and get back into the swing of teaching again.

This week was also the week of my bloods/scan results for those who read my previous blog entry, will be aware that I was concerned about these scans as I had had a few niggles and felt tired and a few nights of night sweats….. scans occurred on the Friday. My appointment with the oncologist was the following week on the Wednesday. I went the whole weekend and the Monday, Tuesday checking my phone constantly thinking surely I am going to get a phone call……but no phone call. In my eyes this was surely a good thing.

My mind was conveniently distracted over this weekend, as it was finally Kalita’s 4th Birthday. Something she had been waiting to happen for, in her eyes and words, ‘I've been waiting for 120 years!’

It was a small gathering at our place, which was a ‘Barbie’ themed party. She was so excited and loved her Barbie dress present. Lisa decided to decorate the cake in the same style as the birthday girl’s Barbie dress. As you could imagine Lisa did an amazing job. Photos below:

We had a jumping castle and the weather was magic for the middle of winter. Having friends and family here really made me enjoy life and appreciate how lucky we are to have such amazing people involved in our lives and the girls up bringing. This really comforts me, given the unpredictable nature of Melanoma and Cancer. Kalita was very much spoilt and had such a wonderful day.

Anyway, Wednesday finally came and the appointment was late in the day. Still no phone call…... Walked into the oncologist room and he said the news we WANTED to hear…. ‘scans, all good’. No new tumours, the one in the bowel we can’t see (so we are taking this as it’s gone). Lisa jokes that I have farted it out. The one tumour that is present is located in the lymph nodes that are in line with the heart behind my lungs. It hasn’t changed in size, 1.9cm x 4.5cm, and as you can tell it isn’t small! The oncologist is not concerned about it. He said my hemoglobin went from 115L to 122L. This can only happen if I am healthy and my body is fit. Pays to be active throughout the illness and keep fit.

In short the best results we have had for a long time. I feel great and he is not concerned about the groin lump and said keep going as I have been. I am now looking forward to running a little more. The cycling will increase also and I am feeling my fitness has improved and I am stronger.  My weight is the same no loss, legs have bulked up a little, as expected with the riding.

I am reminded of how lucky I am to be here; after the trauma I have been through… let alone working full time and keeping fit and riding.

Whilst at the appointment the girls were at Lisa’s parents house for dinner, so Lisa and I took the opportunity to grab a meal without children to celebrate the good results! We went to a pub called the Union Hotel, off Smith St Fitzroy that is about 300m from where Lisa used to live and it is the area where our romance began. It was great to spend time together.

I also had a great night Thursday spending time with good mates at Jason Ryding’s house. The usual boyish behavior and banter occurred. Good fun and great to be hanging out with my mates, Matty Jones (no relation), Adam Grills, Jason Ryding and Adrian Parke….long time friends and friends that have been great support for Lisa, the girls and I.

What’s coming up?
-       Get back to running.
-       Back driving in the next month.
-       I have lots of Educational Presentations to do in August and later this term.
-       Increase the kilometers on the bike.
-       A heap of School stuff is happening also.
-       Watch the hawks win a few more games leading up to the Grand Final.
-       Spend time with the family.
-       I have my 20 year School reunion is next week. I didn’t go the 10-year reunion. Looking forward to this event.
-       And most importantly maintain a positive out look and keep the health good. This hopefully reflects in next lot of scans in 8 weeks time.

Life is precious and we at times take things for granted and one thing I used to take for granted was my health…..I am now more appreciative of being healthy and fit. Illness hasn’t stopped me from doing things… may have slowed me down, but hasn’t stopped me. My oncologist believes getting good results and improving one’s health when you have any cancer is: 50% oncology medicine and 50% the mind set of the individual…..hence his thoughts on why I am doing well.

Like anything in life, if you put your mind on the right path…..anything can be achieved.

I am here for a long time. Seeing my girls graduate from all educational levels and to be here to see them marry and have children is the ultimate goal…and growing old with the one I love….LISA. 

In my last blog I added an image of one of my heroes who visited me in hospital and I thought I'd share a clip of what he achieved in raising money for Breast Cancer. Inspiring, caring and motivated person. I love his line at the 24 second mark of this clip, 'this ride isn't about me riding my bike its about connecting with people who are doing it tough. Battling for their lives, whether it's breast cancer or any type of cancer. Its about showing people we care and we are here for them.'  
The lyrics to the backing track are amazing! Song: 'HIGH HOPES, KODALINE'.


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