Thursday, April 4, 2013


A Poster that sums up what I am about lately

Easter morning, Kalita
An up and coming challenge to say the least has landed in lap! I have been invited to participate as a guest rider for two stages of the Tour de Cure. Given I thought I needed some more challenges in my life I have decided to accept this offer and it will mean I am joining the amazing Tour De Cure Crew Riders for stages 6/7.

Special mention to Dennis Gentilin and Martin Duffy from Office Works for encouraging me to apply and follow through with this exciting journey.

I am now also required to raise funds as a participant, these funds will go to cancer research or cancer patient needs. The link below will take you to my donation page. Feel free to donate or pass the link onto people interested.
Thanks to Sean Young and Peak Cycles for their donations,
along with Simone Griffith from my work for her generous donation, Jeremy Kwok from my Apple Educators Community for his donation and my riding mate Andrew Hull for his contribution. 

Easter morning, Ariella
As I am unable to drive due to my recent seizure, I am going to be driven to the Tour De Cure stages by my dad (Michael Jones), who has kindly taken time off his work to drive me and spend time with me on the two stages. I am looking forward to this bonding time with him, something I have not done with him since the days he coached footy.
My Very Supportive and amazing Parents. (Alvie and Michael)
In the past few weeks my riding has increased in km’s each week, I am feeling fitter and stronger than before the seizure two weeks ago. Today I rode with a good mate of mine Adrian Parke and his sister’s boyfriend, Vance.

Easter Morning, Zahlia
We headed to Whittlesea and back. Which was a great mornings ride. Something that has left my legs feeling worked. The total distance I rode today was 75km with an average speed of 27.5km/h. I now feel stronger and more confident riding stages 6/7 of the tour, which total in distance of 284km. This week has seen my weekly riding total go from 110km to 155km. I am heading to an indoor session tomorrow, which will be like a recovery.

One of the many aspects of riding I love is improving my fitness and the time I am out on my bike, I actually don't feel like a cancer patient. I feel human and normal. This then spooks me when I return home and look in the mirror to see 'baby fluff' hair and dark rings under my eyes. I am also reminded that I have Cancer at 5am and 5pm each day when I take my miracle drug. Which appears to be doing its job. Those are the times I need to take the medication. I have no choice in the matter. I am not the most reliable at taking medication. But so far, so good!

I also ventured to the hairdresser this week for the first time in 6 months. My hair wasn’t unruly or needing a cut. I just felt it needed a tidy up and see if cutting my ‘fluffy duck’ locks might stimulate more growth or increase my appearance from cancer patient to a man who looks balding or middle aged.

My eldest was puzzled as to why I was having a hair cut. She said, ‘Daddy you don’t have any hair to cut.’ Thanks for your honesty kiddo. Kids are so honest. We need to appreciate kids honesty more often!

I have forgotten to add that I am feeling very good, no issues with medication or new tumors appearing. To add to this I am obviously improving in my energy levels.

I hate to rub it in to people reading this blog, but I am enjoying my Easter holidays. Spending time playing, Draughts, Dominos and Uno with my girls and being beaten by them.
UNO with Ariella

My Fluffy Hair and the girls. 


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