Friday, April 26, 2013

Blood Test Results and Moving Forward.

Blood Test Results and Moving Forward. 

A short update, as I would like to have a larger blog entry after the Tour de Cure Ride.

Last week (Wednesday 24th May) I had my follow up appointment from my blood test the week before. I am not as nervous entering the oncologist office for my blood check up. I am not sure why, but maybe because bloods are accurate, but not at definite as Scans, which I am due for in 4 weeks.

The results were ‘pristine’ as my oncologist explained. He said out of all his patients on the Dabrafenib medication, I am his healthiest and fittest looking patient. I took this as a huge complement. My LDH levels (tumour marker count in your bloods) were the best they have been.

I feel great, my energy levels are improving and this for me is a great sign in seeing improvements in my health. I am enjoying being back at work for Term 2, teaching my Year 5 cherubs. They have been working hard.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Bruce Oakley, my teaching colleague who has been driving me to and from work since my seizure. The support doesn’t end there, John Stevens another mate of mine has been taking me to the gym to participate in the spin class.  Thanks to the both of you.
The Birthday Girl 
In the short time since my last update, I have been involved in a Skype Conversation with Jay Allen from Sydney and his Melanoma Support Group. This was an excellent opportunity to share my journey and story so far. I also met, during the conversation, Marie who is on the Dabrafenib medication I am currently on. She has been on it for 20 months or more and doing really well. Hearing about this made my confidence in the medication increase even more. As I am always worried about when I will become immune to it and then the battle will really start.
My gorgeous family

I have also had a large group of educators visit my classroom and allow me to share my passion for E-Learning with them.

Ariella our eldest daughter had her 6th birthday party last weekend. As always, my talented and gorgeous wife put on the best party food, cake and decorations for Ariella (photos below). Ariella and her friends had a fantastic time.
Amazing Food for the Party
The Rapunzel Cake
Amazing Food for the Party

Amazing Food for the Party

I will admit that I did have a tear in my eye, as I was thanking people after we blow the candles out. As April is also the month, 12 months ago, I was originally diagnosed with Melanoma. I feel I have reached a milestone here in seeing another birthday, but at the same time I have a hint of sadness during this month on Ariella’s birthday as I feel, ‘How many birthday’s will I see from my four amazing girls?’ (Wife included here).
My most favourite people in the world and biggest supporters
I am sure those who are reading this blog who are going through a similar journey will understand how I feel. It is tough to think that unless they find a cure or I somehow become a miracle Melanoma Patient that the day might come when I am unable to fight anymore, but with my attitude, support and determination this day will hopefully never come. I am making the most of family, work, my passion for cycling and friends.

The coming week I am off to participate in the Tour de Cure ride as a guest rider over two stages. Stage 6 Bendigo to Benella (173km) and Stage 7 Benella to Albury (111km). Thanks to my awesome father, Michael Jones who is driving me to stage 6 and staying as a support over the two stages and to my family for letting me participate. If you are interested in donating to the Tour de Cure ride click on this link.

My training had to step up and things have been going very well. I am now averaging 140km a week with my riding mate Matthew Collins and we have increased our tempo each week. I am excited about this Tour. My goal is to do as much of the distance as I can and inspire those on the ride and those who are not riding to push on with whatever they want to achieve in life. It is important to note that I don’t see myself as inspiring in anyway. All I really want people to see is that if you put your mind to things life moves in a positive direction, with success being the ultimate goal.

I will keep you all informed with the tour via facebook and twitter (@elearnjones) or follow @tourdecure_aus hash tag #tdc_aus.

My next blog post will be about the tour ride and travelling with my wonderful dad, Michael Jones. 


  1. Nathan, huge congrats on your healthy results. You might remember me from TeachMeets?? You are such an inspiration to me and others. We all have our trials but some people have ridiculous amounts. I'm overwhelmed by your energy and stamina, both mental and physical. So happy to see the gorgeous birthday shots (yes, your wife has done an amazing job). Wish you all the best for a full recovery - you have so much to do that makes a difference.

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words. I do remember you and hope to see you at another teachmeet or conference this year. I hope your teaching and education of students is enjoyable and rewarding for you as it is for me.
    I am feeling great and just hope the drug I am on will last a long time. Otherwise I will be fighting hard. Scans in 4 weeks will tell us more. Enjoy your weekend.