Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January Results

January 2013 Results 

My Eldest Daughter 
An excellent start to the new year. I am, as you'd expect very nervous when it comes to scans, bloods and oncologist appointments. An update from my blood results this month. All clear and bloods are good. Next stop...February. When I have scans and oncologist. Also the timing of the first week back to full time teaching for me and my eldest daughter starting school. Which she is excited about.

Special Visitors whilst in Hospital. 

Being a mad Hawthorn support. My brother who has been a great support organised two special visitors in to see me. I was lucky enough to have Dermott Brereton and Shane Crawford visit.

They were unbelievable and very generous with their time.  I was not expecting this visit and to say the least felt rather overwhelmed.

Today, Thursday 10th January I headed out on the bike with a good mate. Very cruisey pace and enjoyable to say the least. It was fun and great to be pushing up some small hills. I am a long way off my normal pace and fitness, but just good to be active and on two wheels. Hopefully race soon.

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