Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fundraising for Tour De Cure.

 ‘Cancer does amazing things’….. strange to hear this I know, but it has. 

Most of you will know that I am riding 1192km over 2000m of climbing from Adelaide to my hometown of Melbourne, to raise money for cancer with the Tour De Cure Foundation. When you sign up for the ride, the target for each rider required to reach is $12000.

The amazing thing cancer has done is brought a community of people together to generously donate to my fundraising page. It also instigated a parent from my school, Sandra and her husband, Michael to organise an amazing fundraising night, with many auction items being donated and a venue kindly donate to us for the night……Sandra has her own battle with Cancer and was so determined to organise this night and see me reach my $12000 target.
Brian Rabinowitz talking about my Journey

Packed House
Lisa and her cousin and good friend
Lisa's very good friends

My Mates
 Sandra is going really well in her journey with the Cancer Beast. When she was ill and receiving treatment, all I wanted to do and try to do was guide Sandra on a path of positivity and motivation to live and fight hard and she is doing this with the utmost dignity and guts.

I cannot thank Sandra, Michael and their amazing children enough for what they have done. Both their boys have been amazing also organising the middle and senior school by organising a BBQ, casual clothes day, and a chapel service.

Also a friend of Sandra and Michael, Nick is shaving his hair and beard for my TDC ride.

I am truly speechless with the number of donations I have received and what we have raised so far. All donations go to many cancers areas and the variety of organisations relating to cancer throughout Australia. I am currently at a total of $27400. My old football club Templestowe, are also holding a Fun Run to raise more money. Truly overwhelmed.....Thanks Travis Wason for organising this. See you all there. 

I am training hard and probably the fittest I’ve been in years. Riding an average of 300km a week. The irony of all this, is that in 2012 I was facing death, unable to walk, function as a fit healthy male adult and be a strong father to my girls and now I am cycling hard and excited to be apart of an amazing school community and the Tour De Cure fundraising ride and experience.

My family is really well growing up too fast, Kalita loves Prep, Zahlia is the Queen of 3YO Kinder kids and a gymnastics princess. Ariella is blitzing Year 2 and loving her swimming, gymnastics and her friends. Lisa is busy being a mum, training when she can, keeping her Osteo Clinic functioning. She is an amazing, patient wife and without her I wouldn’t be here today and be able to train the hours I am doing.
Love this photo
Kalita at School
Zahlia at Gymnastics
Zahlia Ballet
Zahlia off to Kinder

Special moments like seeing your children grow and achieve are very precious and one's I treasure forever. 

I have scans in the middle of March and obviously confident and determined I will remain disease free.

Something for all of you to see is this movie I went to see about a guy who had cancer and rode an amazing ride to achieve is dream of riding Corsica. Worth watching and something that I could truly connect with.


Referring back to the first line of this blog entry….. I feel blessed that I have the support and love of so many people. When I do my presentations on my journey to various organisations, I always say that cancer (melanoma) has been something that was given to me to as a ‘gift’ and it is up to me to unwrap it… a positive manner.

My ride is 24th April to 2nd May. Head to Tour De Cure for more information. 



  1. Great Post Nathan. It's great to see you fit and healthy again. Looking forward to riding the signature tour with you mate.

  2. Thanks heaps Byron. Really looking forward to the tour and pumped to be doing the full 9 days. Appreciate the comment.