Monday, September 23, 2013


It’s holiday time for me now Term 3 is done…massive term!

I did say that Lisa was writing the next blog entry, but she will do the next entry.
I am doing really well… we have just returned from a wonderful family holiday in Palm Cove. It was a fantastic break for all of us. The girls loved the time, swimming and mixing with other children at the resort.

Lisa needed this break and I think she was relaxed and has come back recharged.
I have come back recharged also and feel more relaxed.

The girls travelled really well and enjoyed the flight. The trip home was a little different. In the last hour of the flight, Kalita was ill and vomited all over Lisa. The cabin crew were amazing cleaned everything up and assisted in getting rid of the smell. This was the only spoiler of the trip.

It was great to catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while. On the plane I bumped into an old Uni mate Scott O’Keefe who was staying in Palm Cove also. Another old school friend who I do see back in Melbourne was Scott La Faletta and his family. We ended up catching up with them for a few swims, dinner and watched the hawks cats game with them. Lisa, the girls and I also caught up with a colleague Vikki Porter who head to Palm Cove twice a year.

I don’t believe in rituals or superstition… and I hope it isn’t something that can occur for me….in the next few weeks/months.

I am coming up to 12 months since my terrible Stage 4 diagnoses and to say I have mixed emotions is an understatement…..It appears patterns are following the same as last year and I hope the final pattern doesn’t occur like last year…… Here is the pattern so far that is almost the same as last year: - family holiday same time last year (Different place), Lisa and I are training hard for Melbourne Marathon events, Lisa the half and 10km for me, have been doing some presentations to schools or conferences, the last one is that my team the Mighty Hawks are again in the Grandfinal and I have a ticket again from the same person as last year. Hopefully they win this year…….they owe me one. Also Lisa’s Birthday is coming up. I think you can see why I see it as déjà vu…..and hope the pattern stops there.

I am excited and thankful for all that has been achieved since my diagnoses. I am really thankful each day of how lucky I am to be in this situation and current health and how well I am progressing. I only have one tumor left, compared to 6 or 7 this time last year.  
Reminders of 12 Months ago 
Reminders of 12 Months ago 
My Support and will to beat this disease. 
I have been training really well, riding an average of 140km a week with some solid rides and combining this with running 15km a per week and pushing some good times and distances. I am nowhere near the form or fitness of previous years. The Melbourne 10km event is on the 13th October and I am excited to be running this with a good mate Matty Jones…..the aim is to finish and hopefully run under 45min. It is hard to accept this time given my PB for 10km is 38min. But at the Late Great Jim Stynes said, ‘When faced with death your ego takes a back seat’. And this is true. I need to put my ego and former glory running days behind me and be appreciative of actually being able to run, ride, work and spend time with my family.

Melbourne Marathon organises wanted me to do an article for our local paper based on the event theme of ‘Anything is Possible’….. so I decided to it…..the only regret I have is the ridiculous photo that was taken and published for his article….I have copped grief for it and rightly so….see for yourself.
Article in the Manningham Leader Newspaper. Yes a very ridiculous pose. 
What’s next?
I have blood test and results in two weeks…… an educational presentation to a school during the holidays……watch the hawks hopefully win the 2013 premiership…… spend time with the girls……celebrate Lisa’s birthday which I was in hospital for last year and understandably forgot her birthday. This year I want to make it up to her ……. I am also presenting my story a local gym and their members and this should round off a busy month.

I do have to ask myself….if I actually have Cancer…..there are days when I feel flat and less active….but is this because of what I am doing or my body fighting Cancer and the determination to fight on….. with all I do and how I feel I seriously think life has changed and I know I am not where I used to be…..but the body is slowly returning to its former self……. Fitness is my bench mark for me…..if I feel fit and active I feel the cancer is not there…..and this is why I question, do I have Cancer? It is a mind set that has placed me in this position of feeling really good.

Remember to hug your loved one's. Love to all. x

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